Wearable Sounds

Wearable Sounds

Wearable Sounds – Project

Wearable Sound is a kit to transform your movements in sounds. You can play the sound of a bird by moving your arms or the sound of a dinosaur while walking.

Wearable Sounds is designed to encourage free-play among school children. Wearable Sounds builds on the natural interest of children to make noise and being physically active. Those two basic activities are combined to elicit a creative state that encourage imagine a personal way to involve this interaction in their own games. Wearable Sounds supports different play styles and social play patterns. It supports body play, as well as fantasy play or even rule games, all depends on the interests of each child.

Wearable Sounds Workshops
The Wearable Sounds Kit is accesible for kids in workshops. During workshops kids can create their own wearable instruments, using their creativity to personalize a predefined kit and find how to involve it in their own games. The kit include sensors to detect body movements, one microcontroller, and one conductive elastic. Kids have to stick the three elements to their body, and connect it. Then, they can select the sound they want to play, and play!

Previous Workshops
We have conducted 4 Wearable Sounds workshops:
Casal de estiu del Centre Obert Barnabitas in Barcelona, Spain. (June, 2012)
Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria (September, 2012)
Centre Civic del Prat (October, 2012)
Mini Music Day Festival (April, 2013)

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